Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 131

Chapter 131


Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong stayed in the Chen Mansion for three nights and then moved back to the Grand Princess Mansion.

In fact, Huay Yang was a little unsure of Chen Jingzong’s thoughts: “Are you really willing to live here with me forever?”

According to her observations in the past few years, Chen Jingzong was just not as strict in observing etiquette as the two brothers above, but he was just as close to his family, including her father-in-law. Don’t look at Chen Jingzong who always irritate her father-in-law whenever he opened his mouth. When her father-in-law was really sick in bed, Chen Jingzong would go over to see him almost every day. It showed that his filial piety towards her father-in-law was no less than his two brothers.

That was true for her father-in-law, not to mention mother-in-law, nephews and nieces.

As an iron-clad military attaché like him, she didn’t know if he would feel aggrieved by being separated from his family for a long time.

Hua Yang was not the kind of grand princess who insisted her prince consort to always by her side. She calmly said to Chen Jingzong: “You go back and stay for one night every four or five days. If you can’t make up your mind about anything in the court or the guard station, you can discuss it with your father or elder brothers.”

Chen Jingzong just came back from washing the thing. Seeing that her eyes were clear and seemed to be very interested in talking, Chen Jingzong took a round fan, lay on his side, fanned the two of them, and looked at her and said: “If there is no war, what trouble can the guard station have. If there’s a problem with military pay and weapons, I will report it directly to the Ministry of War.”

Hua Yang: “Don’t you miss your family?”

Chen Jingzong: “I miss you more.”

Hua Yang glared at him, but when she lowered her eyes, a smile appeared on her lips.

Chen Jingzong used the fan to tap her remaining blushing cheeks: “You always urge me to go back and live there. Are you pretending to be virtuous, or are you took fancy to some pretty boy and just waiting for me to make room for you?”

Hua Yang grabbed the fan and turned her back.

Chen Jingzong came closer and his warm breath fell on her ear.

Hua Yang used the fan to cover her face again.

There was a thin layer of gauze in the middle of the round fan. Chen Jingzong kissed her through that layer of gauze. His big, calloused hands held half of her shoulders: “In this whole lifetime, you can just forget about any male companion.”

Hua Yang didn’t care for male companion either.

One prince consort was more than enough for her, and if she still cares for male companion, does she think her life is too long?


In the palace, Emperor Yuanyou continued to abide by the work and rest schedule set for him by Empress Dowager Qi and Cabinet Elder Chen.

Emperor Yuanyou was actually very moved by his sister’s idea, but he was worried that the imperial doctor would find out if he pretended to be sick. If the imperial doctor told his mother and Cabinet Elder Chen, he didn’t know what new tricks those two strict people would come up with. Whether it was verbally criticizing him or made him kneel down and copy books, Emperor Yuanyou would not be happy.

Until the early morning of mid-Sixth Month, Emperor Yuanyou was sleeping soundly and was suddenly woken up by the chief eunuch Cao Li, who reminded him that it was time to get up and study.

Emperor Yuanyou was dizzy and just wanted to sleep.

But the reason of “sleeping in” would not impress Mother Empress and Cabinet Elder Chen. If he insisted on sleeping in, Mother Empress would dare to ask him whether he want to be a useless monarch!

Emperor Yuanyou forced himself to sit up.

Read, eat, and attend court meetings.

Sitting on the dragon chair, the fourteen-year-old Emperor Yuanyou pinched himself from time to time, trying hard not to fall asleep.

Chen Tingjian glanced at the dragon chair a few times. When the court meeting had only underway for half an hour, he made a decision to disperse it early as there were not many things to discuss today.

Emperor Yuanyou looked at Cabinet Elder Chen below in surprise, but the ministers were waiting for him to leave the palace first. Emperor Yuanyou suppressed his doubts and returned to Qianqing Palace at the back.

Next, it was time for the cabinet and ministers to face the emperor individually.

Empress Dowager Qi was also there. At this stage, Emperor Yuanyou didn’t need to say anything. He only needed to listen or watch. He would just nod his head to anything that Mother Empress and Cabinet Elder Chen approved.

When he was in good spirits, Emperor Yuanyou would listen carefully and learn how to handle these state affairs. When he was sleepy, Emperor Yuanyou was too lazy to think about it. Anyway, mother empress and Cabinet Elder Chen would definitely handle it well.

After all the pending matters were settled, Chen Tingjian took Emperor Yuanyou to the Imperial Study. No matter how busy he was as the Chief Minister, he would spare an hour every day to teach the emperor in person.

At this time, there were only Chen Tingjian, Emperor Yuanyou, and the chief eunuch Cao Li in the imperial study.

Emperor Yuanyou yawned quickly while Cabinet Elder was lowering his head to sort the books.

As a result, before he could close his mouth, he saw Cabinet Elder Chen calmly instructed Chao Li without raising his head across the table: “Go and prepare a cup of refreshing tea for His Majesty.”

Emperor Yuanyou:…

Is there an eye hidden in Cabinet Elder’s beard?

Cao Li looked at the emperor distressedly and left to prepare tea.

Emperor Yuanyou looked at Cabinet Elder Chen nervously.

Chen Tingjian thought of his family’s fourth son when he was a child. Chen Tingjian himself had been a student for so many years and had four sons who attended school. The Old Four was the only one who dared to lie down on the table and sleep openly while his teacher was giving lecture.

Compared with the Old Four, Emperor Yuanyou was really a good student, but a good student might want to slack off sometimes.

“Your Majesty did not sleep well last night?” Chen Tingjian walked over. He had an elegant appearance and his long beard added a bit of majesty, but his eyes at Emperor Yuanyou were very gentle at this time.

Emperor Yuanyou was very familiar with Cabinet Elder’s methods of persuading him. Sometimes he would directly and harshly criticize, and sometimes he would gently coax him to speak his mind. Then he would use a calm tone and quote from classics to persuade him to be diligent and studious, distinguish right from wrong, honor his mother empress, be generous and love the people, and so on and so forth.

Therefore, Emperor Yuanyou shook his head and said seriously: “It’s hot in the summer, so just a little sleepy. Sir, please don’t worry.”

Chen Tingjian: “I see. This minister thought that since Your Majesty is both diligent in studying and listening to political affairs, your dragon body might be overburdened. But if Your Majesty doesn’t feel tired, this minister doesn’t have to adjust your schedule.”

Emperor Yuanyou’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated!

Is the old man serious, or has he dug another trap waiting for him to jump?

In any moment, Cao Li would be back!

Recalling that the old man’s attitude towards him had softened a lot over the past year, Emperor Yuanyou decided to trust the old man again. His face instantly fell and he said sincerely: “To be honest, Sir, I am indeed very tired. I often feel like I don’t have enough sleep in the morning. Although I can still insist on getting up to study, but my mind is groggy and studying becomes less effective. I wonder if Sir can reduce the number of court meetings and resume normal court meetings when I am older and have enough strength to support it? ”

Reducing the number of court meeting, he could sleep for at least an hour more every day!

Chen Tingjian saw a faint bloodshot in the young emperor’s eyes.

He looked hesitant.

Emperor Yuanyou: “I know what Sir is worried about. You’re afraid that I will be lazy and neglect political affairs in the future. But I promise you, Sir, when I take charge, I will become a diligent and wise monarch.”

Chen Tingjian finally said: “Alright, this minister believes Your Majesty.”

At this time, Cao Li came back with the tea.

Chen Tingjian continued to organize the books, and Emperor Yuanyou raised his sleeves and pretended to yawn again.

After the lecture, Chen Tingjian went to see Empress Dowager Qi.

When Empress Dowager Qi heard that Chen Tingjian was going to reduce the number of court meetings, she frowned and said, “Did His Majesty complain to Cabinet Elder that it was hard to go to court?”

Chen Tingjian bowed slightly and said respectfully: “Back to Niangniang, instead of complaining, His Majesty tried his best to hide his sleepiness. This minister feels that His Majesty is now at the age when he is growing up. The dragon body is as important as studies. If the body doesn’t get adequate rest, it will be difficult for His Majesty to concentrate when studying. The more this happens, the harder it will be to achieve results, which will lead to His Majesty becoming tired of studying and listening to politics. If this continues, the gains will outweigh the losses. ”

Empress Dowager Qi was silent.

Chen Tingjian glanced at her and said: “Niangniang, after all, His Majesty is only fourteen years old. This minister think it’s more important to cultivate His Majesty’s interest in learning and governance. If the heavy workload of studies leads His Majesty to develop resistance, now at his young age, His Majesty still has no choice but to listen to your and this minister teaching, but in the future when His Majesty took over the government, who will be able to constraint him?”

Not to mention, there were enough emperors who act arbitrarily in this dynasty.

Empress Dowager Qi was obviously very aware of the imperial family’s ancestors. It was precisely because her father-in-law emperor and husband emperor were both “too promising” that she was afraid that her son would follow in the footsteps of his ancestors, so she taught his strictly since childhood.

Empress Dowager Qi had already approved Chen Tingjian’s proposal, but still asked curiously: “Cabinet Elder was always strict before, but why you’ve become more gentle to His Majesty in the past two years?”

She also had to guard against Chen Tingjian deliberately condoning some of his son’s bad habits in order to please him.

Chen Tingjian embarrassedly said, “This minister is not afraid to let Niangniang sees a joke. At a young age, this minister become a Zhuangyuan, and everyone praised this minister. Later, this minister was appreciated by the late emperor and Niangniang, and entered the palace to teach His Majesty to study. This minister’s eldest son, second son, and third son were also become Zhuangyuan and Tanhua, so this minister also feels that this minister have some real ability in teaching, and the saying that strict teachers produce good disciples is also a wise saying.”

Empress Dowager Qi nodded. In the whole court, who did not admire Chen Tingjian for his skill in educating his children?

Chen Tingjian continued: “Of this minister’s four sons, this minister always thought that this minister’s rebellious fourth son would be the least promising. He could only rely on his status as the Grand Princess’s Prince Consort to show off his power in this life. However, the year before last year, this minister’s fourth son led the Daxing Left Guard to win first prize in the martial arts competition. Last year, he also made military exploits on the road to countering the rebellion. Outsiders praised that with a lion father, the son cannot be a dog, but they all forgot that this minister’s fourth son returned to Lingzhou by himself when he was ten years old. His current progress now has nothing to do with this minister.

“In the past two years, this minister often reflected on the fact that this minister eldest son and third son were able to win the title Zhuangyuan and Tanhua purely because of their own talents. This minister did not really teach them anything. The only people this minister really taught were His Majesty and the fourth son. Because of this minister’s strictness, the fourth son became more and more deviant, to the point of neglecting his study. After this minister discovered his genuine ability, this minister would often break out in a cold sweat when facing His Majesty again, fearing that this minister previous strictness might have already plant a seed of aversion to studying in His Majesty’s heart.”

Speaking until here, Chen Tingjian knelt down and said, “Niangniang, if this is true, this minister is the sinner through the ages. Niangniang, please punish!”

Empress Dowager Qi said with a smile: “Cabinet Elder’s last words are too serious, and the previous words are too modest. It’s true that Prince Consort’s two elder brothers are talented, but their achievements today are inseparable from your careful cultivation as their father. As for Prince Consort, it’s his nature not to like studying, and it’s not entirely to go against you.”

Chen Tingjian: “Perhaps, or it could be that this minister have grown old and have a new understanding of teaching and educating people. This understanding may not be correct. This minister would like to ask Niangniang to make the final decision on how to teach His Majesty.”

In the entire court, the one Empress Dowager Qi trusted most was Chen Tingjian. Even if Chen Tingjian’s method of teaching the emperor changed, Empress Dowager Qi would still support him as long as it was reasonable and well-founded.

“What Cabinet Elder said makes sense. Let’s try it first according to what you said. If His Majesty fails to live up to Cabinet Elder’s hard work and becomes more and more lazy, Cabinet Elder will continue to treat him strictly.”

Chen Tingjian accepted the order, bowed his head and retreated.

Empress Dowager Qi looked out the window.

She had long heard about the discord between Prince Consort and Cabinet Elder Chen, but who knew that the emperor was also not very close to her as his mother?

She knew how to be a good empress, but whether she would be called a good mother empress or not could only be left to future generations to judge.

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