Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 109

Chapter 109


Although the dream theory was ridiculous, it was simple and easy to use.

Moreover, Hua Yang had only used dreams to fool Chen Jingzong before, but this time she would use it to persuade her mother empress and father-in-law to be wary of Prince Yu’s rebellion, so there was no need to worry.

Regarding Prince Yu’s rebellion in the previous life, in the early stage of the war, the rebels won several victories because they had several generals. In the middle period, the court began to gain the upper hand, and Chen Jingzong died at an important moment when he was chasing Prince Yu’s last 40,000 troops. The war ended soon afterward, Prince Yu was captured by the court, and the chaos ended completely.

At that time, although Hua Yang was also very concerned about the war situation, she had no way to understand the situation on the battlefield. Her mother empress did not want her to inquire about it, and Hua Yang could not go to her father-in-law to ask. Only her brother would tell her more, but basically only gave her the good news.

In the end, the only things Hua Yang knew were a few generals in the rebel army and the battle in which Chen Jingzong died.

In the imperial study room, although Hua Yang had already thought about how to narrate the story last night, and she could recite the words as smoothly as a storyteller, she still looked nervous and apprehensive, as if she was frightened by her father’s dream. Sometimes stuttering, sometimes repeating some words, messy and disorderly.

Empress Qi and Chen Tingjian both listened silently, and no one tried to interrupt her.

The dream seemed absurd and unconvincing, but Hua Yang actually knew the names of so many local generals, some of whom were not even in important positions at this time. Even Chen Tingjian had never heard of it or even paid attention to it, which made Empress Qi and Chen Tingjian took her seriously.

Hua Yang only said that Prince Yu had assembled an army of 200,000 to attack the capital directly.

This was enough to make her mother empress and father-in-law pay attention and became vigilant. If the entire four-month war was told, it would be too detailed. She only had a maximum of two hours of sleep last night, so how could she have so much information in her dreams.

“Mother, Cabinet Elder, Father Emperor asked me to tell you that you must stop Prince Yu in advance.”

Empress Qi looked at Chen Tingjian. She would rather believe anything related to the stability of her son’s position as the emperor.

Chen Tingjian muttered to himself for a while, then nodded towards Hua Yang and said: “Princess, don’t worry, this minister and Niangniang will definitely make a foolproof plan. However, please keep this matter secret and don’t tell anyone, including His Highness Crown Prince and Prince Consort. His Highness is still young, this minister afraid of frightening him. As for Prince Consort, afraid that he will reveal the secret unintentionally.”

Of course Hua Yang agreed.

Chen Tingjian said again: “It’s time for Guifei Niangniang, Princess Nan Kang, and others to come to keep vigil for the late emperor. Please go ahead, Princess, in case they suspect something when you and Niangniang are not present.”

Empress Qi added: “Did your Father Emperor tell you whether the mother and daughter knew about it?”

Hua Yang: “He didn’t, so they probably don’t know.”

In her previous life, when the news of Prince Yu’s rebellion reached the capital, Concubine Lin was so frightened that she lost her bladder in public. If this was an act, Hua Yang would really admire her.

Of course, whether Concubine Lin was faking it or not, she was confined in her palace. It was not until Prince Yu was deposed that Concubine Lin was released. From then on, she lived in seclusion in the harem, living like a shadow.

Empress Qi nodded and signaled her daughter to leave.

After Hua Yang left, Empress Qi immediately asked Chen Tingjian: “How is Cabinet Elder going to deal with it?”

Chen Tingjian: “If the late emperor’s dream is true and he want to prevent Prince Yu from revolt, this minister has three strategies.”

“First, summon Prince Yu back to the capital in the name of Niangniang or the Crown Prince, and take this opportunity to keep Prince Yu in the capital. This minister will then gradually dismantle the rebels in Henan.”

Empress Qi frowned and said in a deep voice: “Since the death of Emperor Chengzu, there has been no case of vassal prince going to the capital for funerals in this dynasty. Not to mention that it is inconvenient for the Crown Prince and I to issue this edict. Even if the late emperor still had some strength left before his death, he would not summon Prince Yu to the capital.”

Chen Tingjian: “Yes, this strategy is indeed inappropriate. This minister’s second strategy is to ignore Prince Yu first, and use the excuse that the capital needs to be more alert after the death of the late emperor, and transfer several generals who will assist Prince Yu in the dream to the capital first, then appoint reliable generals to take over so that Prince Yu will not have a large army at his disposal.”

Empress Qi’s brows did not relax because of this: “If they are willing to support Prince Yu in just one month, they must have colluded with Prince Yu since early on. The court’s plan to lure the tiger away from the mountain is too obvious. They may not obey the order, instead support Prince Yu to start the rebel in advance.”

Chen Tingjian: “Niangniang is worried that although this minister’s two strategies can avoid fighting, they each have their own shortcomings. Therefore, this minister’s third strategy is for the imperial court to strike first and station troops at the borders of Henan, so as to deter Prince Yu. Make them dare not send troops and hand over those traitors on their own initiative.”

Empress Qi was a little anxious and looked at him in disbelief: “How come Cabinet Elder’s ideas are all unreliable today? If the imperial court really send a large army to suppress the situation, of course it’s good if Prince Yu surrender. But I fear that he will be fight to the end and the imperial court will only gave him a legitimate reason to rebel, saying that our mother and son cannot tolerate him!”

Faced with Empress Qi’s complaints, Chen Tingjian was not flustered. He looked up at her and said, “This minister is stupid. These three are indeed the only three strategies this minister can think of. I wonder if Niangniang has any other ideas?”

Empress Qi didn’t, and these were the only things she could think of as well. The three strategies either violated the ancestral teachings, did not have the certainty of success, or took the initiative to give Prince Yu a reason to rebel…

Suddenly, something seemed to flash through Empress Qi’s mind. Looking at Chen Tingjian’s calm and confident attitude, Empress Qi calmed down instantly, took two steps closer to Chen Tingjian, and whispered: “Cabinet Elder, don’t keep people in suspense. What are you really thinking?”

As much as Empress Qi trusted Chen Tingjian, Chen Tingjian also trusted Empress Qi. It was Empress Qi who recommended him to Emperor Jingshun to teach the crown prince. Later, he successfully became the chief minister of the cabinet. In addition to his own efforts, Empress Qi’s support was also indispensable.

Seeing that Empress Qi understood his deep meaning, Chen Tingjian no longer concealed it, and promised first: “Niangniang, Henan is indeed very close to the capital, but Henan is also surrounded by the capital, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Huguang, Nanzhili, and Shandong. If Prince Yu really want to rebel, he can only hope that his army will suddenly rise up and capture the capital at lightning speed before the imperial court sends troops to encircle and suppress it. However, let alone that we already know his plan now, we have time to make arrangements in advance, even without the late emperor’s dream. The three prefectures of Daming, Baoding, and Zhending are enough to stop Prince Yu’s army, and this minister is willing to guarantee with my own head.”

Empress Qi was silent for a moment and believed him. Chen Tingjian had discussed with Emperor Jingshun about the appointment of generals in the important areas of the capital. Empress Qi also knew that they were all powerful generals of this dynasty.

Chen Tingjian first persuaded Empress Qi not to worry about the stability of the capital, and then mentioned the situation of the vassal prince in Henan to Empress Qi.

Niangninag, including Prince Yu, there are currently eight vassal princes in Henan, namely Prince Jing, Prince Zheng, Prince Zhou, Prince Tang, Prince Zhao, Prince Lu, Prince Hui and Prince Yu. In addition to these eight vassal Princes, there’s hundreds of Second Rank Prince among their brothers, sons, and nephews. Under the Second Rank Prince, there are also State Generals, Auxiliary State Generals, along with other imperial clan members, totaling more than 30,000 people. These imperial clans collectively possess one-third of the land in Henan. In addition, in just one year, the imperial clan’s salary in Henan accounts for more than forty percent of the local tax and grain, which is more than the salary of the local garrison.”

Empress Qi nodded and motioned for him to continue.

Chen Tingjian: “If Prince Yu rebels, it’s certain that the mobilization of troops and grain transportation won’t escape the attention of the other seven vassal princes. If they take the initiative to report to the court, it will be in line with Taizu’s painstaking efforts to confer vassal princes, emphasizing the joint responsibility of vassal princes and the emperor in safeguarding the stability of the country. However, if they conceal it and fail to report it, they will be assisting Prince Yu in the rebellion, making them traitors, and they would be executed alongside Prince Yu.”

Empress Qi completely understood what Chen Tingjian meant.

Prince Yu’s rebellion was nothing to worry about, but if the court allowed Prince Yu to secretly gather strength and bring all seven vassal princes to join force with him, in the future the court can justifiably depose all eight vassal princes in Henan.

The eight vassal princes, together with their respective relatives totaling over 30,000 clan members, accounting for thirty percent of all the imperial clan. To abolish them all at once was equivalent to pruning thirty percent of the deadwood and excess branches from the tree burdening the court. Afterwards, the private treasuries of the feudal princes would be confiscated, and the fertile lands returned to the common people. The people would continue cultivating the land and paying taxes to the court, resulting in significant benefits for generations to come, including future emperors. Compared to these foreseeable benefits, the expenses incurred in suppressing the rebellion were not worth mentioning.

“I really admire Cabinet Elder’s great foresight.” Empress Qi said solemnly.

Chen Tingjian bowed and said, “This minister only know how to offer advice. Niangniang, who dares to use this strategy, is very courageous and this minister truly admires.”

Empress Qi smiled: “Cabinet Elder can just assume to not know that Prince Yu has any rebellious intentions and secretly deploy his troops.”

Chen Tingjian stroked his beard and said: “The theory of dreams may not be completely reliable. Maybe Prince Yu will not rebel, but in this minister’s opinion, we will not lose anything if we prepare for the rainy day.”

Empress Qi still hoped that Prince Yu will rebel. The emperor only had two sons, the crown prince and Prince Yu. Her son was still young. If Prince Yu rebelled early and disposed early, she would be relieved early.

Of course, there was no need to tell Chen Tingjian this.

“Then the Princess’s side…”

“I will explain to her. Cabinet Elder can just focus on handling state affairs.”

After a while, Empress Qi went to Qianqing Palace first, and Chen Tingjian immediately went to see several other cabinet elders. Today, the cabinet would lead the courtiers to plead the crown prince to succeed the throne.

The enthronement ceremony was not urgent, but the succession to the throne and assuming the title of the emperor must not be delayed.


When the courtiers came to support the crown prince, Hua Yang also knelt and watched.

Although the crown prince was only thirteen years old, since he was three years old he had begun to study and began to learn how to be a good heir. Although he was sad with his father emperor passing, he also knew that he must cooperate with the courtiers in the succession process.

The crown prince was proclaimed the emperor, and at the same time Empress Qi was named Empress Dowager. As for other imperial relatives, there was no rush to be canonized for the time being.

Hua Yang secretly observed Concubine Lin and Princess Nan Kang.

Of course, the mother and daughter were not happy for her mother empress and brother, but there were no resentments. The big picture had already been decided and they had accepted their fate.

At nighttime, Hua Yang finally had the opportunity to see her mother empress alone again.

Empress Dowager Qi, who was just thirty-nine years old, was also tired after a busy day and was leaning on the side of the Arhat bed.

Seeing her haggard-looking daughter, Empress Dowager Qi showed affection and waved her daughter to sit next to her.

“Father Emperor is gone and still gave you that kind of dream. Panpan must be having a hard time today, right?”

She took her daughter into her arms and patted her shoulder gently.

Hua Yang’s tears fell again.

Mother was the most irreplaceable person in the world. The stricter her mother empress was, the more she would crave such tenderness.

Empress Dowager Qi took out the handkerchief and personally wiped away her daughter’s tears.

The death of Emperor Jingshun did not have much impact on her emotionally. She was also sad, but it passed after a while.

She was more concerned about big things, and the only affection she had was the pain of losing the father of her pair of children.

“Don’t worry Panpan, Cabinet Elder Chen and I have already made a precautionary plan for Prince Yu’s matter. Just focus on guarding your Father Emperor’s grave and rest well when you can. Don’t worry about anything else. Do you understand?”

Hua Yang nodded.

She believed in both her mother empress and her father-in-law. When the two of them joined forces to guard against Prince Yu, she felt even more at ease.

She had shouldered everything alone before. At this moment, Hua Yang felt her whole body relax, and only the memory of her father remained.

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