Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Luo Yuyan never expected that she just wanted to eat some meat, but she would cause her husband to send written pledge to her brother-in-law Chen Jingzong.

“I won’t eat it. Why did you write that note?”

In the dark night, Luo Yuyan sat on the couch and looked at her husband with great annoyance: “If there is no written note, they won’t dare to be too presumptuous and just eat a few meals in secret. Now that we are helping to take the blame, they won’t have any scruples. In any case, it’s us who father will punish if there’s any trouble.”

Chen Xiaozong looked at her with a smile: “The Old Four has no ill intentions. He just wants to drag us into the water and let us willingly keep the secret. By the way, everyone cheats together, so no one laughs at anyone.”

Luo Yuyan pouted: “You still speak for him! If he really treats you as a brother, why would he make things difficult for you?”

Chen Xiaozong: “This is not difficult. I keep a secret for him, and he give me the game he worked so hard to catch. This is fair.”

Luo Yuyan was just not happy: “When the game is brought back, I have to send a maid to cook over there. The princess pretended to be noble, but I handed her solid evidence. I will never be able to raise my head in front of her in this life.”

Chen Xiaozong still laughed: “That’s the princess. Why, you still want to show your sister-in-law’s airs in front of the princess?”

Luo Yuyan slapped him angrily: “Why do you always speak for them?”

Chen Xiaozong sat up, hugged her with one hand, and gently touched her abdomen with the other: “The matter has come to this, why worry about it so much. I just hope that you will eat more nourishing food, and the two of you will be healthy.”

Luo Yuyan’s eyes showed the tenderness of a loving mother, and said helplessly: “If it weren’t for this child, we wouldn’t have lost this face.”

If she had known that instead of taking advantage, they would instead be manipulated by Siyi Hall, she would rather eat vegetarian food every day than say anything to her husband!


Two days later, Chen Jingzong went to the mountains again and brought back two fish and two chickens. He hid one portion in the west wing and put the other in the kitchen.

After it was all ready, Hua Yang asked Zhu’er to go to Fucui Hall to pass on the message.

Luo Yuyan complained in her heart, but she couldn’t make mistakes in terms of etiquette. Since she was borrowing Siyi Hall’s kitchen, how could she really only send a little maid over to cook?

Hua Yang entertained her in the main room.

No matter what, it was started because of her gluttony. Luo Yuyan’s face was red and she was too ashamed to look at Hua Yang, she lowered her eyes and said, “Blame my body for being useless, I always have leg cramps in the middle of the night. Third Master was so worried that he actually did something like this, bothering Fourth Brother to go to the mountains for such a stupid thing. Really made Princess laugh.”

Hua Yang also took advantage of this matter, so how could she use it to laugh at others.

Besides, her heart felt terrible when she saw Luo Yuyan’s big belly. She felt that Luo Yuyan was more fragile than tofu or jade at this time, and the slightest touch or tiring would trigger the fetal gas.

“It’s all trivial and not worth mentioning. Third Sister-in-law, please sit down and talk.”

Hua Yang signaled at Chao Yun.

Chao Yun quickly helped Luo Yuyan to sit on the chair together with the nanny that she brought over.

This nanny was almost fifty years old. She was good at taking care of pregnant women and young children, and was the old servant next to Luo Yuyan.

Hua Yang knew that everyone in the Chen family would be polite when in front of her. Even if they had something to do, they would have to be polite first and wasted time in vain, so she took the initiative to say: “Chao Yun, take nanny to the kitchen to have a look. Prince Consort’s martial skills are not very good, after a long trip today he only brought back one fish and one pheasant. How about nanny cook it according to Sister-in-law’s preference, and the kitchen will be at your disposal.”

The nanny nodded respectfully and looked at Luo Yuyan again.

Luo Yuyan’s eyes flashed slightly, and she said softly: “Since already troubling Fourth Brother, I will accept it shamelessly. Nanny, you stew the fish and the chicken. I will take the fish away and leave the chicken for the princess to replenish her body.”

Just as the nanny was about to respond, Hua Yang said with a faint smile: “I appreciate Third Sister-in-law’s kindness. It’s just that I’m not pregnant, so I should be mourning the old lady with Prince Consort.”

What a joke. Even Chen Jingzong knew not to leave a handle, and someone as proud as Hua Yang would be more impossible to let outsiders know that she was cheating.

In her previous life, Chen Jingzong was among this outsider. When he placed the fragrant roast chicken in front of her, Hua Yang wanted it so much, but for the sake of face, she could only resist eating it.

Now that she regarded Chen Jingzong as one of her own, she didn’t mind showing her true nature in front of him.

After hearing these words, Luo Yuyan’s face turned red again.

If this sister-in-law’s identity was different, Luo Yuyan would use roundabout ways to ridicule her to relieve her anger. However, Hua Yang was the most favored princess in this dynasty. Even the emperor’s equally favored Princess Nan Kang was ordered by Hua Yang to be slapped in the mouth by the palace maid. Guifei1 niangniang2 couldn’t even blow the pillow wind into the emperor’s ear and let Hua Yang eat a loss, so how could she, a small daughter of marquis mansion, dare to confront Hua Yang head-on?

“Ah, once pregnant, stupid for three years. It’s because I didn’t think twice before talking. I hope Princess can forgive me.”

Not only she could not talk back, Luo Yuyan had to apologize with her tail tucked.

Hua Yang smiled in an approachable manner: “Third Sister-in-law is too polite. It takes time for nanny to cook. Third Sister-in-law, please go back and wait first. Later you can call the nanny directly. Third Sister-in-law must rest, no need to be courteous with me again.”

The people had already give order to see off the guests, so Luo Yuyan had to leave.

Hua Yang went to east side room.

Chen Jingzong leaned on the couch comfortably, holding the playbook Hua Yang had read earlier in his hand.

“Give it back to me.” Hua Yang walked to the couch.

Chen Jingzong put the playbook in her hand but did not let go: “My martial arts are not good?”

Hua Yang: “Otherwise, am I to say that you hunt easily, so that she doesn’t have to be sincerely grateful to you?”

Chen Jingzong looked at her petal-like lips and let go.

He occupied the side room, and Hua Yang went to the inner room.

As a result, a soon as she sat down by the window, Chen Jingzong actually followed in and sat opposite her with great fanfare.

Hua Yang raised her eyes and asked what he want with her eyes.

The bright sun outside the window was obscured by the dense branches and leaves of the locust tree, but the light was still bright, making her face white and transparent. The most beautiful jade in the world could not compare to this beautiful face.

Chen Jingzong thought about the image of her with messy black hair and flushed cheeks inside the bed curtain, but his face still looked proper: “You will get tired of eating only chicken and fish. Next time I will take the game to that town and exchange it for some pork and duck meat.”

Hua Yang continued to read, and said casually: “It’s up to you, just don’t let anyone recognize you.”

Chen Jingzong: “Hmm.”

Hua Yang read two lines of words, raised her eyes again, and met his eyes that were looking at her openly. His eyes were dark and seemed to be burning with fire.

For two lifetimes, Chen Jingzong was the only person who dared to look at her like this. Unless it was imperial relatives, other men did not even dare to look directly at her.

“Just go out if you have nothing to do.”

Hua Yang glared at him.

Chen Jingzong: “Where to go? The nanny next to Third Sister-in-law is still in the kitchen. If she saw me going to the east wing, it’s unknown what she’ll think about us.”

Hua Yang: “Then go to the side room and wait there.”

Chen Jingzong: “Why you insisted me to go? You do your own thing and I do mine, we don’t disturb each other.”

Hua Yang felt that his staring was a distraction, like there was an extra wild wolf beside her. Who could concentrate on reading?

“Don’t you like going to the mountains? You still have a whole afternoon, you can go there again.”

“I’m tired and don’t want to move.”

Hua Yang:…

She took the book and went out, and asked the maid to carry the lounge chair under the shade of the tree. She lay down on it comfortably. However, when she raised her eyes, she saw Chen Jingzong sitting by the window, facing her.

Just when Hua Yang was about to raise the book to block him, Chen Jingzong walked away.

Hua Yang relaxed instantly.


As soon as the fourth month ends, the Dragon Boat Festival was just around the corner.

There were many ways for wealthy families to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, such as raising a dragon boat team to compete on the river, or inviting a theater troupe to sing at home, and the whole family gather together happily.

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival in Chen House was destined to be deserted, but it was still necessary to gather together for a meal.

The main house sent a maid to convey the message. After the maid left, Chen Jingzong said to Hua Yang, who was not paying attention at the side: “What’s wrong with you this time?”

The old lady passed away, and there were a bunch of things in the Chen House before and after the burial.

When guests came over to express their condolences, or when relatives stayed vigil at the funeral, Hua Yang didn’t show up at all. She only offered incense to the old lady on the day she first arrived and on the day the coffin was sent for burial.

But whether it was the people in Chen House, the guests who offered condolences, or the people watching the ceremony in town, they all felt that this was how the majestic princess should be.

Chen Jingzong himself was tired of socializing with his family, and he could understand Hua Yang’s avoidance.

However, some face-saving effort still needed to be done, and you have to find a reason to avoid it.

Hua Yang raised her eyebrows and looked at him: “What’s wrong?”

Chen Jingzong: “You’re not going to the family dinner…”

Hua Yang: “Who said I’m not going?”

Not to mention Chen Jingzong, Chao Yun also looked at her master in surprise.

Hua Yang continued to admire the peonies in the flower bed.

These peonies were all precious varieties. Probably because they were transplanted, but the flowering season was delayed, and they only bloomed in the past two days.

The Moutan peony was the size of a bowl, its petals layered on top of each other, as thin as brocade.

Hua Yang looked at these flowers and missed the gorgeous clothes she had left in the capital. Many of them were printed and dyed according to the colors of various peonies, and they looked real when placed among the flowers.

In Chen Jingzong’s eyes, she was much more beautiful than those peonies, but now he was more curious about what she was thinking.

“You never liked to attend those family dinners, why are you going this time?”

Chen Jingzong walked up to her and asked.

Hua Yang couldn’t give him any reason, so she could only put on the wilfullness of a princess: ” I want to go, so what? Is that not allowed?”

Chen Jingzong:….

If he said not allowed, the old man and the others would torment him.

A sensible son would definitely inform his parents and asked them to be prepared to welcome the princess daughter-in-law, but Chen Jingzong was not so “sensible”.

On the fifth day of Fifth lunar month, all the branch of the Chen family gathered in Danyuan Hall of the main house.

Chen Tingjian and Sun shi were the first to arrive.

The two sons of Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong arrived at about the same time as Chen Tingshi’s family of five from the east house.

Chen Tingjian was talking to his younger brother Chen Tingshi.

Sun shi was surrounded by her two good grandsons, Erlang and Sanlang. Even if she wanted to entertain her sister-in-law Qi shi, her attention would inevitably be taken away by her grandchildren.

Qi shi had a smile on her face, but felt very unhappy in her heart. If she was also an official’s wife, would Sun shi still dare to neglect her like this?

She looked at Chen Tingjian without a trace, thinking about his identity as a Cabinet Elder, and felt that his long beard became more and more elegant. Chen Tingzhi looked like a farmer in front of him!

Qi shi envied the men in the eldest house. Her son Chen Jizong also glanced at Yu Xiu and Luo Yuyan secretly and felt that the two cousins-in-law were better than his wife in everything.

“Grandma, I’m hungry.”

Sanlang’s clear voice suddenly sounded in the hall, and then everyone fell silent.

Sanlang was only three years old and didn’t notice the changes around him. He just looked at his grandmother expectantly.

The little guy who used to eat delicious food in the capital had to eat vegetarian dishes every day after returning to the old house. Now finally could eat rice dumplings, Sanlang was looking forward to it.

Sun shi was just about to coax her grandson when the maid outside turned around with a mixture of joy and surprise: “Master, Madam, the Fourth Master and the Princess are here!”

Chen Tingjian was the first to stand up!

To be honest, when he was in the capital, he could meet the emperor almost every day, and the young crown prince was his student. He was used to seeing the two most noble people in the world. Chen Tingjian had already been able to deal with any of the emperor’s relatives with ease, and even severely reprimanded the crown prince.

But he had no experience getting along with a princess, especially since this princess was the most favored in the palace and became his daughter-in-law!

The Chen family was not an aristocratic family, not even a scholarly family. Only the two generations of father and son have achieved fame and become high-ranking officials.

Chen Tingjian was not a flatterer, and he was not afraid that the princess would complain about the Chen family’s disrespectful treatment to the emperor. What he afraid of was that his family’s poor hospitality would make the noble princess feel wronged.

Just like the most delicate peony in the world was transplanted to the Chen family, how dare he, Chen Tingjian, cruelly destroy of heavenly thing?

If the Old Four was promising, it would only be enough to win the princess’s affection and make her feel happy physically and mentally. However, the Old Four was a disgrace. The more the son wronged the princess, the more the father-in-law had to do his best to make up for it!

Sun shi, Chen Tingshi and others had just stood up after him, and Chen Tingjian had already walked out. When he saw the princess in plain clothes walking beside his son, Chen Tingjian bowed and saluted from a distance.

Hua Yang stared at her father-in-law in white clothes under the eaves.

Long before she married Chen Jingzong, she was already very familiar with her father-in-law.

She had witnessed her father-in-law’s calm and composed demeanor in front of her father emperor, where a few words from him were like grand strategies for governing the country. She had also wilfully attended her father-in-law’s lectures to her younger brother, where he effortlessly cited classical texts and examples.

For such a good Cabinet Elder, his sons must be like beautiful jade in the world.

It could be said that Hua Yang happily cooperated with her father emperor and mother empress’ marriage proposal, partly because she fell in love with Chen Jingzong’s face, and partly because she admired this father-in-law.

In her previous life, she had not been able to see her father-in-law for the last time, but she had witnessed his family being wronged and suffered.

Father-in-law worked hard for the court and the people all his life, but the court had failed him.

As an imperial daughter, Hua Yang felt ashamed.

“Father, please dispense the curtseying. We are all family. Father, you must not be so formal in the future.”

Hua Yang quickened her pace slightly, her voice gentle.

Chen Jingzong glanced at her. She was like this. She was gentle and soft-spoken in front of her father, eldest brother, and third brother, but she only looked coldly at him.

Chen Tingjian stood up straight, but lowered his head slightly to avoid looking directly at the princess in front of him. He only made a gesture of inviting her in.

Inside, everyone in the Chen family consciously moved to both sides.

Hua Yang walked in with a smile, her eyes swept over her mother-in-law, Chen Bozong, Chen Xiaozong and others one by one, and then looked at Chen Tingshi’s family on the right side.

Chen Tingshi lowered his head deeply.

Qi shi glanced at the princess quickly. Obviously she was just an eighteen-year-old woman, but her stern eyebrows made her quickly avoid her.

Chen Jizong also wanted to take a peek, because it had been so long since the princess moved here and he had never seen her face.

However, when he really saw the appearance of the princess, Chen Jizong turned into a blockhead with crooked neck. It was Chen Jingzong who came over and kicked him in the calf. Chen Jizong suddenly came to his senses and hurriedly dodged to his mother’s side.

Qi shi hated Chen Jingzong’s merciless kick, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Chen Tingjian glanced at his second brother Chen Tingshi vaguely.

This glance was no longer the care of the elder brother for the younger brother, but contained the official authority of a Cabinet Elder.

Chen Tingshi wiped his sweat repeatedly and decided to beat his good-for-nothing son when he went back. He was usually just a lustful person, but he dared to turn his lust on the princess. Do you still want your life?

The Author has something to say:

Old Four: No one can be lustful towards her except me.

The two guards at the beginning: ….

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